A Word On Types of Pet Food. Dogs, Cats, and Beyond!

Is the Cost worth the Shelf-Life for your Preps?

Go to the store and look St ingredients to the different dog foods. In brands you find in most grocery stores, the protein (chicken, fish, etc.)  is not in the top Five ingredients. This is because it is cheaper for them to use filler, which could be a number of things, than it is to use proteins. When I found this out my first thought was outrage, then as I thought about it it made sense coming from a corporation. 

However most brands of pet food you find in the grocery store fittings this category, there are some alternatives. Somewhere in the Isle these days is a cooler than has refrigerated pet food. This kind of food has great ingredients, can fit special needs for animals, and is easy to measure. The downside to this is the shelf life which is massacred in weeks to days instead of months to years. Great for now but not so great for prepping. As I have mentioned before there are freeze dried options that will last much longer and have great nutritional value, but a lot of times they are composed of 80% or higher just protein. In a short term emergency this is OK but anything beyond 2 weeks your going to need to supplement that protein!

If you don’t what will happen to your pets is what is referred to as rabbit starvation. That is when only protein is consumed resulting in an unbalanced diet, if not righted could result in a timely demise for your pet! Of course neither me, you, or any animal lover would want this to happen. Keep in mind the same can happen to humans so our food needs to be diversified as well.

So the price of a 10lb bag of grocery store brand dog food runs about $10. The same size bag of a specialty pet store type of food rubs about $15. That’s a 50% increase in price, is the nutrition really that much better? 

Remember our talk about ingredients. If the desired protein is not In the top 3 ingredients, i say “put it down!” I ask you, if you had to choose between a fast food burger, or a family owned burger stand for you to eat everyday, mon-fri for a year, even if the family owned burger was 200% more I guarantee you that you would choose it, if not at first, after 2 weeks no doubt in my mind. The reason? One is because of taste of course, the other is you know your getting something fresh, nonprocessed, and in your mind atleast, better for you. Think about this when choosing the pet food. Sure your pet might eat it anyway but for animals that’s the highlight of their day! You want them to enjoy their food as well as benefit from it.

Most of the more expensive brands tend to focus on taste as well as nutritional value. So I the end it’s worth the extra $5 a week for food, which boiles down to less than an extra dollar a day. When considering buying bulk pet food, check those ingredients!! And try to put yourself in your pets shoes when choosing their food. I constantly ask myself if the food looks appealing, if it smells at least not bad, and have I heard of others animals either liking or disliking it. 

Let me know in tge comments of any good bulk suggestions you know of. Most member places like Sams or Costco have only a couple types. Many places are focused on bulk human food, but not many on pets (as usual).

Pet Prep Sales on Sites! Happy Pet-PrepTember

Hopefully everyone is having a great Preptember! Getting lots of plans made and supplies accumulated. A lot of websites are having sales for this month to help everyone add to their preps. Some of the websites are:

http://www.beprepared.com – I use this site all the time to by my supplies. They carry a Wide variety of things and have many many submenus to go exploring in. I highly recommend them and usually they will have a free shipping option for orders over a certain amount.

http://www.preparednessproducts.net – This another good site that has not only good products but good information. They offer free shipping on all orders no matter the amount purchased.

http://www.survival-goods.com – I Love this site because you can order individual items and make your own kits easily and get what you want, and only what you want. A great site for developing both Dog Bobs & Human ones. They have weekly sales on different items and you can shop whats on sale each week and get a great supply cache without spending a lot in one purchase. Also if some of your gear, or parts of your gear, break this is the site to get those parts!

http://www.grainger.com – A great site for bulk orders! if you need a palette of something then this is where you want to go. They use FEMA as a guide line but they also expand from that. If you were making kits for your family members or friends this is a great place to save money and fulfill everything on your list, or the list your friend got from the FEMA website.

http://www.sosready.com – This site has a lot of cool gadgets that are hard to find as well as the swedish knifes like the Fireknife.

http://www.stellaandchewys.com – This site features freeze-dried food for both dogs and cats. I have purchased some of their products and briefly tried them with my dogs and they love them! Look for a Review Coming Soon in the Prep Tests section of posts.

http://www.thehonestkitchen.com – This is the home page for The Honest Kitchen. They specialize in Dehydrated Dog/Cat food. I did a review on this food and my dogs couldnt get enough. I have tried a total of 3 flavors and each one was devoured in under 2 minutes! great shelf life and favorability, at least in my house.

Check these sites out for great deals during this month! Preptember is a great time to bulk up your preps for a great price. Keep in mind though, you don`t need to go into debt just to get these deals. A lot of the sites offer free shipping outside of this month.


Prep Test #3 – Stella & Chewy’s Taste Test!

     Freeze-Dried Vs Dehydrated

I Break These into 4 pieces.

I Break These into 4 pieces.


 This food is a freeze-dried from Raw food, and is extremely high in protein. You can break this down into almost a powder form and sprinkle it on top of your dogs normal food or you can feed them only Stella & Chewys. Unlike with the Dehydrated food you don’t have to add water or change the composition in any way before serving it to your pets.

Different Flavors.

Different Flavors.

        Keep in mind that this type of food is extremely high in protein, and to make sure and not overfeed your animals. a normal kibble food is about 25% Protein, and Stella & Chewys is closer to 55%!! That’s almost more than double the protein! This is great for really active dogs, and for use when your hiking or camping when your pet would need a good boost. If your pet mostly stays inside or is not very active then i don’t recommend using this food by itself. Your pet could gain weight really fast, which could be good or bad depending on your situation. When rescuing an animal this food is great because it can get them lots of nutrients quickly, and the taste is great!

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Facts

       One of the most beneficial aspects of this food is the shelf life. while most kibble is about 6-8 months before it goes bad, and wet food is much less time than that, Freeze-Dried is over a year!! Dehydrated lasts a long time as-well but not quite as long as Freeze-Dried. This is awesome for your Pet Long Term Storage, think about it like human freeze-dried food. it takes up a lot less space, very high in nutrients and is pretty tasty. You can mix and match, a little Freeze-dried mixed with kibble or even dehydrated food and you’ve got a balanced tasty meal! 

This is the Flavor my Dogs Loved!

This is the Flavor my Dogs Loved!

       I took a Biscuit and split it into 4 pieces and let my dogs try it as a treat. they gobbled it up and wanted more! Again this food is really high in protein so keep that in mind if you switch to this as your primary food, or as a primary treat. For me personally i use this for about 30% of my Long Term Pet Food Storage, and as an occasional treat. This is a great company and they are expanding to more flavors/products and im very excited (My Pets are Also!!) about trying all the different products.

      So get a little bag and try it as a treat first, remember to Store What your Pet Eats and they’ll eat what you Store for Them!! They also make a frozen kind, I haven’t tried that yet, but for Long Terms storage I don’t think it would be as good as the Freeze-Dried for Longevity.