Lets Start an Information Overload, Let #Preps4Pets Begin!


Benny Is Excited!!

Benny Is Excited!!

    I was recently thinking about ideas for posts and a few things came to my mind. First, maybe I should ask you guys some topics you want me to cover in terms of Pet Preparedness, good idea but it happens a lot. The polls i put at the bottom of the posts are kind of a way for me to get inspiration in the form of Your answers to the questions. It has done a good job at that!

   Next I started looking over some stats. As a beginning web developer I am new to stats and web traffic in general. I did notice I get more traffic when I do a post, yada yada yada. Well as a fun and informative exhibit I give to you the Hash Tag #Preps4Pets !!! Now not only will this allow us to communicate ideas and spawn new post for me, it also gives all you guys a way to let each other know some of your good ideas! Lets help this grow along and hopefully in a few weeks it will be Information Overload.

   The goal for me of #Preps4Pets is to be able to search on twitter for that hashtag and there is tons of people Sharing ideas and inspirations for animals in preparedness. We all love our animals and we all have that in common, together we can make this underdeveloped side of prepping explode!!

I will personally also be adding a fact or 3 a day, talking about my preps and ideas. Hope to talk to Share with you guys Soon!!

P.S. – If you Do have any ideas or topics you want me to post about, Please Please, Please!! -Don’t Hesitate to drop me a comment, tweet, email, etc. (You knew I would Fit it in there somewhere hehe :@> )

P.P.S – Feel free to use the #Preps4Pets in instagram, youtube, Vine, whatever floats your boat media/social media wise. My intention is the widespread exchange of ideas and Cool stuff we have done for our Pets if it’s the End Times.

One thought on “Lets Start an Information Overload, Let #Preps4Pets Begin!

  1. That is a great idea-I’ve been contemplating a twitter account but have skipped it because I could not decide on the actual title of the book. Hope it helps you spread the word 🙂
    Regarding topics, how about discussing a bug in plan with your pets in an epidemic/quarantine scenario? Or a blackout scenarion that lasts a couple of weeks?


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