Dog Bones #3 – Flying with Pets

At this time of year a lot of us go on vacation or visit relatives. Those of us with furry friends usually either have to take them with us or board them until we get back.
This article is going to focus on bringing them along. Be it flying or maybe just a road trip here are some rules and tips to help it go by safely and as close to stress free as possible!


Flying – when you take your animals on planes there are a lot more rules and things to remember then you might think!
1. Different airlines have specific rules on allowing your pet to travel in the cabin with you. Of course that would be best for them because they can see you and you know what conditions they are in. Now if you have a 50+ pound pet chances are they will have to go in the cargo hold for the trip. Again airlines differ and the accommodations for them vary and definitely something to consider. Most of these rules can be found on the airlines website or by calling them up.


2. Airports also differ on rules about how your pet can travel with you. Some are basic rules like Leah laws and others as extreme as they must be in a crate/carrier at all times! No matter if you are carrying them on or putting them in the cargo hold you will have to clear then with security and those specific rules will be once again dependent on the airport you leave from and the one you land at.
When you “check” your pet they are either considered manifest cargo or simply Checked Baggage. Our Pomeranian could be taken on any airline out of Atlanta GA, on a domestic flight, because she is so small all you have to do is put her in a carrier that meets the size regulations and your good to go! The beagle on the other hand has a 50/50 chance of carrying on even though she is small for a beagle!


Finding out the rules ahead of time is a top priority because you can prepare yourself and your pet for the right ammont of stress and determine if they (or you) can handle the trip. Nothing would be crazier than getting to the airport to then have all your plans change because of a new regulation so be sure to check with your airport/airline even if you’ve traveled with your animal before.


3. You can also get a doctors excuse to have your dog with you when you fly to ease your anxiety. It doesn’t work every time but about 8 out of 10 times the doctors note gets your dog on the plane, chillin in the isle!

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