Finally taking my own test.

Take this test!

Blogger at the Edge of the Universe.

I’m referring to a guest post I did for OM; here:
I’m going to now see once and for all exactly how I measure up to it, at this present moment..
>Do you know some first-aid?
>Do you know how to hunt? Fish? Farm?
No to all
>Do you know how to garden?
>Do you own land?
Not yet
>Do you own a vehicle (not necessarily along with owning land), or know how to drive a standard?
I don’t yet own a vehicle, but I can drive a standard
>Do you have a bug-out bag of some sort?
Yes; sort of…
>Do you have a stock-pile of food and/or water?
Not personally, no
>Do you have a rain barrel?
Not personally, no
>Do you have some sort of training in wilderness survival?
>Do you know anything about natural medicines (ie, using plants and stuff to…

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