Dog Activity #1 – Dog Bug Out Bag (B.O.B.)

Dobby trys on her new pack

Dobby with her new Bug Out Bag!!

Just like for us humans, Dogs need a BoB (Bug Out Bag) so that in a quick evacuation scenario that can have essentials supplies they need to survive a couple days, not to mention papers concerning shots or rabies if you have to go through any type of checkpoint or registration. Below is a list for what i think is just the essentials for any animal BoB.

  1. 2 Collapsible Dog Bowls
  2. 3 Days of Kibble Food
  3. 2 – 16oz Water Bottles
  4. 1 backup Leash
  5. about 8oz Dog Treats
  6. Small Pet first Aid Kit
  7. Pet Papers and Information about Shots, and Rabbies Tag
  8. 10-15 Waste Bags (OpSec)
  9. Nail Clippers

These Items are just the basics and definitely can be changed or expanded upon. Some of the items like water will depend on the size of your dog, and what you might have to immediately go through outside your door.

Example Medium Dog Pack

Example Medium Dog Pack

Examples of Supplies

Examples of Supplies


One of the most important item is the BoB itself. I looked in many pet stores small to large, also outdoor stores like, and a few places i found packs for dogs small than a Labrador Retriever. But one thing they all had in common was they cost about $100!! Β At first i was discouraged but then i turned to my pall , and there i found a few different style packs for around $30.

Outward Hound is the brand pack i use. Dobby carries the pack which is about 5-10 pounds and she is about 20-25lbs. Taking her around the complex is how I test out the weight and comfort for her with the pack. One of the best features is that the packs are Velcro, so you can remove them fast if necessary. I highly recommend these, from my own use they are rugged and worth the price! also the interior has a couple pockets of each side. for Benny i will need to acquire an extra small (which probably could only hold 2-5 items) bag because she is so small. even with it being so small she can still carry treats and a little food which both will be invaluable in any crisis.

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  2. Hey cool blog! May I suggest a spare tick collar for if you end up in a not so nice area to stay in for awhile?

    Thanks for dropping by my site. Did you notice the dog in my book has a b.o.b too? πŸ™‚ It’s a light carry, but he has a cool harness and pouch together. I actually just made that up based on another image, if you have any suggestions to that bob or maybe something cool for Blackie (he will play a bigger part in the book) please let me know. I would be open to suggestions. The character is based on a friend’s dog so the traits and some of his looks will have some limitations πŸ™‚


    • I didnt at first notice the Dog had a Bob in your book but I do Now!! I love that you added that because a lot of times pets arn’t considered or talked about. Also a flea collar would be a great addition! what does your Dog in the Book carry, maybe I could do a Question / Answer email interview with said dog?


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