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Hello, and Welcome! My name is Brian. My wife’s name is Lesley and our Dogs are: Benson & Dobby. We also have 1 cat named Biskets! We live in the Atlanta, Ga Area. I have been into Emergency Preparedness for about 5 years, but I still feel like it’s  just Beginning. You Have Just Stumbled upon your One-Stop-Shop considering Emergency Preparedness 4 your Furry Friends!

We have a huge love for our animals and it hit me one day while I was organizing some of our Human preps, “What about them??“.  I looked around and we probably had enough food for a month and a bag or two of treats, but no real plans. My next thought was “Do I have a plan or plans in place when it comes to our pets?”, the answer was loosely No. After that I started researching long-term food storage for both cats and dogs, as well as information regarding basic preps. Surprisingly to me I found very little other than FEMA and ASPCA when regarding Pet Preparedness. I also started visiting family owned or Boutique style Pet stores to see what kind of options were out there.

This blog is that information from me, (plus stuff that I figure out by testing and reviewing), to You! If I stumble on a specific store that’s Awesome,let me know and I will quickly spread the word! As I add Preps and Plans, Lists and Practice Runs, to My Preps, you guys will get a first hand look! I will do most of the trial and error myself, So get ready for some FUN! Please feel free to comment and add things, I would love for there to be discussions on topics, so we can all learn more!!

At the end of Most posts I will put a different poll regarding Pet Preparedness. Take a guess on what you think is the best, or check multiple items you have done or stocked. The main goal of these will be for exposure and New Ideas I or you have picked up! They are also like fun little quiz’s.

      Have a Great Day, and next time your shopping for preps, Trying to come up with Ideas, or putting some Plans together, put one or two things about your animals in there as well!!


8 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. Hello Brian R.,

    Emergency preparedness for pets is something that many of us do not think much about (your blog is probably the first blog that I have seen mention this topic 😉 ), and so it is good that you are sharing this information and your experiences about this topic to help inform other people. 🙂

    Good luck,
    -John Jr

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  2. Great idea, Brian & Lesley. As you know, I have a survival blog focused on human survival. Seeing your blog makes me wonder “Why didn’t I think of that?”

    Of course I mentioned pets a time or two, but not with the focus on them.

    It’s especially effective that you show a way for them to carry their own supplies!

    Will reference you on my blog soon.

    Ozark Mountain Bob


  3. You know we came to this same realization last year and our solution would be to provide extra foods that we stocked for them too. They would eat what we eat but I haven’t found something to supplement them similar to the vitamins we use ourselves. Let us all know if you find something out there, my search has just begun.


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